Interested in having custom artwork or a painting done for your or a client's home, office or commercial business? As a multi-disciplinary artist of various mediums and styles, I can help bring your vision to reality!

To provide you with an accurate a quote for your custom artwork / painting commission, I would need to know a few details to start such as:

1) The Subject: what the painting is of (if you are desiring something specific.) If you don't know, that's okay! We can work together to create something custom that is perfectly suited to your aesthetic and home decor, office/business type or brand's style.  
2) The Style: Abstract, Minimalist, Landscape/Seascape, Impressionist,
3) Size: in inches or feet.
4) Colours: Do you have a specific palette you are working with?
5) Canvas Type: Would you prefer the portrait done on flat canvas paper which you can have framed once received, OR, on a gallery-wrapped canvas which does not require framing and can be hung directly to wall. If you are unsure, let me know and I can provide samples to help you decide.
5) Installation Location: Where will the finished painting be installed? Example: Will it be placed in a specific room of your home; in your business such as reception, office or boardroom, etc.
4) Shipping Location: Where will the finished painting be shipped to? (City, Province/State, Country). Paintings can be shipped from my location in Nanaimo, BC, Canada to anywhere in the world!

Please provide as much of the above information as possible using the form below. Once received, I will follow up by email (or phone, if preferred) to confirm the details and request your any reference photo(s), which you can send via email. Once I have all details necessary, I can provide you with a solid quote for your project along with a time for completion.

Thank you so much for reaching out to me with interests in having custom artwork for your home! I would be absolutely honored to work with you and look forward to hearing from you regarding your project.