Creeping me already? No worries... I'm down with it! You probably came here expecting to find a little more info about me and my art... and to figure out just who this crazy Canuck creator girl is. Well, my friend ~ stay tuned. My new website is currently undergoing a major overhaul but should be ready for your enjoyment soon! Check back here in a few days and there will be much more to see.



 Melissa Bain (born in Whitehorse, Yukon) is a professional artist currently residing in Prince George, BC.

She is self-taught in the Arts and creates with a Dionysian nature; displaying creative, intuitive power in her unique and colorful, illustrative-style figurative-abstract paintings. Inspired by the works of Chagall, Picasso, and German Expressionist painter Max Beckmann, Melissa paints intriguing figurative subjects in various mediums, but favors acrylic-ink on canvas. 

Melissa has exhibited her artwork in various Canadian galleries, private shows and retail. Her artwork and photography has been licensed commercially allowing for international distribution and recognition of her work. She is an active contributor of stock imagery on Getty Images and iStock.com. Her art works are also found in private collections around the world.



In addition to being a visual artist, Melissa also expresses her unique creativity thru acting for television & film, and as a Creator on social media. Join TikTok to follow and view her latest content.