Artist workshops coming soon in Nanaimo, BC - FALL 2022! 

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Wine & Paint Socials

Wine & Paint Night - Singles Only!

Dry & Paint Night - A (dry) social evening of painting with new likeminded friends.

I Can't Paint Class - A class for newbies that are ready to explore their creative side in a small group settings. 

Guided Meditation Art Sessions - Individual & Group

Healing the Heart with Art - Individual & Group

How to Manifest What You Want With Your Art!

Mastering Your Money Mindset ~ Recondition your money mindset to thrive as a professional artist! 

Taking the Leap! The Beginning of Your Art Career Starts Here.

The Art of Online Marketing for Artists - Intro + 9 Sessions

Shopify for Artists! Let's Set Up Your Shop - Intro + 9 Sessions 

Vision Boarding 2023 - Start of the year strategically with a set vision. 

  • Children (Ages 9-12)
  • Teens (13-18)
  • Adults (19+)